18 July 2013 ~ 0 Comments

Fire Sense Bon Fire 28-Inch Portable Fireplace

With large wheels for transport from truck to campground or beach, the Bon Firefire place brightens the party with crackling flame and warmth for all. The fire place features porcelain enamel bowl, matching lid, with tall sturdy spark-screen walls in between. The walls stand up to years of use, keeping sparks from landing on clothing. The tall screen offers plenty of viewing space below the domed top, and lots of warmth, as well as a 360-degree view of the crackling flames. A steel grate supports plenty of wood for longer burns and less refueling. A patented center door allows easy access to for refueling. Durable wheels and a retractable handle assembly make it easy to position fire place virtually anywhere for outdoor entertaining.
A wooden handle on the Patio Hearth’s dome top makes it easy to remove the roof to bolster airflow for faster starts. Enamel surfaces mean easier cleaning, and that removable dome top ensures quick extinguishing when the party is over and it’s time to pack up.

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