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PHALLOSAN Forte – How it works – There are “stretchers” and there is the PHALLOSAN® forte

PHALLOSAN Forte is your unique solution for a best sexual life !
The result of many years of research and the evaluation of many first-hand reports by customers and patience all over the world.
PHALLOSAN Forte offers a patented system for penis enlargement and can be effectively used for penis curvature I P P, following prostate surgery and in case of diabetes and erectile dysfunction.

If you really want to see fast results, then check this video:

The best possible negative pressure can be created and regulated as desired, with a three-way valve using the integrated suction pump.
The sophisticated traffic light system, gives you a perfect control over the tension adjustments all the times.
We will now show you how simple PHALLOSAN Forte is to use. First of all, the right bell size must be determined with the measuring template.
To adjust to the correct size, remove the drawbar and rotate the valve to the arrow symbol.

Now remove the sleeve condom and suction device.
Now take the bell, to fit and adapted with the suction device.
The sleeve condom must be slipped over the beed of the bell, and the drawbar secured.
The perfect bell condom for you is ready for use!
Please remove the protector cap, this protects the glands from excess suction pressure.
Put the protector cap apart with the thumbs and index fingers and place it over the glands.
It should fit snugly.
Take hold the condom, roll it up to the edge of the bell and draw it behind the bead of the bell.

Now insert your penis together with the protector cap into the suction bell.
And roll the condom down as far as possible.
Turn the green valve to the pump symbol, and activate the suction pump.
The glands will now be drawn further into the bell, and the sleeve condom moulds itself comfortably to the penis shaft.
Now set the green valve to the locking symbol to maintain the micro-vacuum.
Take hold of the belt, push the foam ring over the suction bell to the end of the penis shaft, and lay the belt around your hips.
Connect the two eyelets and tighten the belt with the push buckle.
You can now go about your everyday business or where PHALLOSAN Forte during sleep, as the blood circulation will at no time be restricted.

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That’s how PHALLOSAN Forte works: the continuous tension in the body’s tissue, forms painless micro-fissures, as in bodybuilding.
New cell material is embedded in these fibres.
The length and girth of the penis increases.
The entire penis tissue has a stronger blood circulation, and receives more nutrients.
This results in stronger erections and improved virility.
Phallosan Forte creates an almost unnoticeable vacuum that acts on the entire penis, starting with the glans.
Phallosan Forte can also be worn at night, as the system on the penis shaft can adjust at any time to a possible erection.
I have just started using Phallosan Forte and I used it during sleep for about 6 hours on the green tension.

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